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Soaring Over Meth & Suicide Youth Program



Suicide.  Substance abuse.  Sexual literacy.  All serious issues facing Native American youth in our community.


We provide services to support our youth in developing a sense of a competence, usefulness, belonging and empowerment...all protective factors proven to foster healthy development.  Our goal is to lower the rates of suicide, substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease, and unplanned pregnancy among young Native Americans in our community.

We are proud participants in the LIFE 7 Generation Coalition and the Adolescent Health Project. LIFE 7 builds awareness and support of suicide prevention through culturally sensitive education and services.  The Adolescent Health Project seeks to increase the sexual knowledge and health of youth and, thereby, decrease the number of youth engaging in risky sexual behavior and the rates of STDs and teen pregnancy.

Our youth program provides:

  • Evidence-based programming to prevent substance abuse and suicide.
  • Accurate sex ed information: teen pregnancy, STD prevention & treatment
  • Free and low-cost mental health training.
  • Free and low-cost cultural diversity training.
  • A safe and health-promoting facility in Omaha.
  • An environment that nurtures supportive relationships.
  • Opportunities to belong.
  • Promotion of positive and culturally appropriate social norms.

We promote early intervention strategies and positive youth development to reduce risk factors for suicidal behavior and substance abuse. 

SOMS events and activities are open to all who wish to attend.  We encourage Native American families, those with Native ancestry, and those who are non-Native but caring for Native American children to participate.